Quick Catch-Up Post

Being that the kiddos have been home for a couple  months, I’ve been counting the days until they finally go back to school (which thankfully was this past Monday). As is fairly typical when they’ve been home for weeks on end, my brain is generally fried at this point from the constant chaos, so needless to say haven’t been much for accomplishing much these last couple weeks. The good news is that I am spending this first week of “freedom” enjoying the peace and quiet, then hopefully I can get back to actually posting on a regular basis.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but we have awesome squirrels that hang out in our yard. I know a lot of people think of them as pests, but I totally adore ours (even when they used to eat the bird seed). Plus they are super cool and like to tease the cats, which is always fun to watch. Anyways today, I found a baby squirrel in the yard – just curled up in the grass sleeping. As much as I hated to move it, I had to, otherwise said cats would have eventually gone after it.

Have called the wildlife rescue center, though hubby won’t be home for a few more hours, so there is still hope that mommy or daddy squirrel will come back and get baby. It’s the cutest little thing though, furry, but no fluffy tail yet, so it looks like an odd little chipmunk or something. We’ve got him in a box that is currently attached to a tree, so that the other squirrels can reach him, but the cats can’t.

Not an actual pic of the one we found (my camera is still totally non-functioning), but he looks almost the same. I just want to cuddle him… but I’m being good and haven’t. XD



Ok coolest thing EVER!!! About 5 minutes before hubby got home – mommy squirrel came and got her baby. I was so happy!! It was funny because I was sitting on the porch waiting for my youngest to get home, and finally saw one of the older squirrels running through the yard, so I’m all talking to it like… “please go get your baby, I don’t want to have to take it away”, and darned if it didn’t meander around the yard for a couple minutes searching for the baby, then go to where we had the box, grab the little one by it’s tail and scamper up the tree back to the nest.

Just goes to show patience really is a virtue – as most rescue sites said to call after more than a couple hours or so, and in this case we’d had the baby for over 8 hours. I’d even called off work – which by the way I HAVE THE BEST BOSS AND CO-WORKERS IN THE WORLD!!! Just really glad it all worked out in the end.