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4 thoughts on “Ask A Pagan

  1. Nicole says:

    I don’t have a question, I just thought we had so many similarities, I had to say hello! I am also a mother of two in NC and discovered recently I had a scholarly interest in Asatru as well…LOL. I am on a continuously changing spiritual path and I blog about it a little. I really like your blog. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Riothamus12 says:

    Well what do you do when you don’t agree with any one particular tradition enough to just go with it? I have been studying since I was fourteen, constantly re-evaluating, reassembling, refining, and restructuring continuously, forging a theology that aligns with the reality that seems evident. For I have yet to find these mysterious traditions that are so perfect for me which people claim to exist.

    If you want the long version of my inquiry, read the following:

    • Sephira says:

      I realize that this is a super late reply, but, I kid you not, I literally just found the notification for your comment. So, I am so, so sorry. Hopefully, you’ve found other answers that work for you in the meantime.

      For the most part, I (and most others) have no problem with people being eclectic and/or creating their own paths, as long as it’s done in a way that is respectful to the traditions that one is drawing from. Not sure if you saw it at the time, but my full thoughts on the subject can be found here. For the most part, I’d say that still sums up my feelings well enough, though I probably feel a bit more flexible in that if one is able to create something that is truly a mix of things, and the gods one works with seem to be ok with it, then I’m probably not going to take too much of an issue with it.

      Where a majority of the backlash comes from is when someone is blatantly disrespectful and/or misappropriating things that they really just don’t have a right to. Particularly in the case of traditions that belong to living cultures whose people have been persecuted or marginalized.

      Again, really sorry for the late response. 🙂

  3. Brina says:

    I’m afraid I’m even more confused after reading your Eclectic post.

    It’s very hard to figure out what I can even get into now, since it’s been brought to my attention that what “calls to me” and what my supposed intuition may be telling me where to go isn’t at all what I’m technically allowed to even involve myself in. I understand the ethics–I don’t need versed in that.

    But how are we seekers to ever find where we belong, if these options are barred from us, or if they are not meant to be for us…I guess I’m just disheartened because I’m more lost than ever on my quest to find somewhere to settle down after so long and finding out the leads I’ve finally picked up may not be leads at all.

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