Full Moon Ritual

I had a quite ritual this evening to mark the Esbat and my intention of the night was to simply meditated on the Lord and Lady. At the start of the ritual I read out loud both the Charge of the Goddess (Valiente version) and the Charge of the Horned God (author unknown), then I began my meditation. I admit that lately I have had a hard time reaching a good trance state, and unfortunately this night was no different. Some of it has to do with the fact that I am usually worried that someone is going to knock on the door and interrupt me, so I am constantly on edge – not good when one is trying to relax. So trying for a while with no real results, I decided to go ahead and end my ritual and hopefully try again on another night. After I ended…I took a few moments to go outside and stand under the moon. It was in the 70’s today, and though it was a bit chilly out, it was still very nice outside. Well as I was standing there I got a sudden flash of a woman’s face looking down at me from the night sky, though it was brief and she didn’t say anything I definitely felt the presence of the Goddess. I then turned slightly so that I was facing the wooded area that is on the side of my house, and again I got a sudden flash…this time of the God, in his guise of the Green Man.

Though it wasn’t exactly what I had planned, things ended up turning out fairly well. Sometimes it’s not enough that we want someone to come and visit us…we actually have to get up off our asses and go see them.