Who Am I

So…I am married and am a mother of 2 living in NC. I have been studying Paganism and Witchcraft related topics for over 20 years. I like reading, writing (fiction, poetry, articles), watching the stars and sitting on the beach listening to the ocean. I have an avid interest in any of the following topics and welcome any one who wants to talk about them… Reiki, chakras, crystals, herbs, Wicca, witchcraft, massage therapy, meditation, natural wellness, hypnosis and past life regression. I also love learning new things so if you ask me something that I don’t know about, I will be just as likely to go off and research it.

My primary path is that of an Eclectic Witch, with strong leanings towards Wicca  (at least as much as I am given to know as a non-initiate – may the Lord and Lady see that I eventually find a Coven to join, so that I can change that status), along with an academic (at least for the time being) interest in Asatru. This particular blog is just a place to keep my ramblings, though I’m horribly bad about remembering to post, so I’ll apologize about that right from the start.

Thanks for stopping by…it’s nice to meet you!! 🙂


One thought on “Who Am I

  1. Sunfire says:

    I saw your post about Spring through G+… You’re following my business page (Breath of the Dragon).
    As a pagan myself, it is always nice to meet others that are exploring the world around them through various means. If you don’t mind, I’m now following your blog personally.
    If you like, my business blog is at http://breathofthedragon.blogspot.com, my personal blog is http://pyrosunfire.blogspot.com and my pagan ramblings can be found at http://pagan-sunfire.blogspot.com
    Also, if you ever need inspiration on blogging topics, stop by http://paganprompts.blogspot.com for some ideas.

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